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Have plans Saturday?

You can join us every Saturday at the Del Ray Farmer's Market in Alexandria, Virginia from 8 am - 12 pm.  The products we bring each week are listed below.

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Chai Masala

Original Masala

Cardamom and ginger and cloves, oh my! This is our original blend with sweet cardamom and a black pepper finish, ground for tea or baking

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Tea Box 

Masala Tea Bags- 10

Convenient tea bags with our original masala built in! We hand press each of the compostable tea bags in high-quality paper filters for the best brew.

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Tea Bags

Masala Tea Bags- 6

Our hand-filled tea bags comes complete with built-in freshly ground masala. 6 tea bags is enough for a week until you can visit us on Saturdays!

Your Events, 
Only Better

We bring delicious, fresh tea options to farmer's markets and private events.


Have an event where you and your guests might need a cup of chai? Contact us via the bubble below or send us an email at

Indoor/ Outdoor Events

Take your outdoor or indoor events to the next level with a live chai stall. We'll come prepared to make tea on the spot and we'll be happy to show off  our ladle skills a bit for your guests. 



There's nothing we love more than chai, but a wedding is a close second! If your guests might need a pick-me-up during your reception, look no further! 


Office Deliveries

If you and your office mates would like to schedule a chai delivery, let us know and we'll coordinate! 


Something else?

We are a truly small business, so we would love to hear your ideas about how we might share our love of chai with more people in our community. Have an idea for a charity drive? A new product?

Let us know, we're always open to new adventures.

Get in Touch

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